Contract Extension‘s for Professional Players

Negotiation time window
If the contract of your player runs for only one more season a contract extension can be negotiated. Negotiations can take place over numerous negotiation rounds and can also be conducted over several days.
Preconditions for starting contract negotiations
Demands and offers
Both negotiating parties (you as the team‘s representative and the player as his own representative), submit a demand and an offer in each negotiation round. If the offer from the club is in line with the players demands then the contract is signed and the player is immediately a part of the respective team. Should your offer and the players demands not meet then negotiations will continue into the next round where both parties can adjust their contractual arrangement.
Collapse of negotiations
A player‘s willingness to negotiate, restricts the number of negotiation rounds available to negoatiate a contract. With every round the players willingness to negotiate drops, and should it reach 0 negotiations will be called off without any kind of agreement. In this case the player will definatley leave your club, and further contract negotiations are not possible.
At the beginning of contract negotiations, the players current satisfaction levels at the point in time, equates to the start value of his readiness to negotiate.
Signing Bonus
Under circumstances after the successful completion of contract negotiations a signing on bonus for the player is to be paid. The monies owed to the player is a one off payment and is paid directly after the contract is signed.
Contract offer(s) from other club(s)
During second half of the season, when your player‘s contract expires, all other teams can also submit a contract offer. If the player accepts a contract offer from another team, then you there is no way to extend is contract. In this instance the player will leave your team at the end of the season.
Match Practise
Every football player wants to play often as he can. If he appears in most games on the bench, then the player will be unhappy with his involvement in the team. It soon becomes clear to the player that the only way to change this and find regular football again is to switch clubs.
When a player is rarely used and his Match Practise value is under X points, he will refuse to renew his contract. If the situation does not change and negotiations regarding a contract extension does not come to fruition, the player will leave the club when his current contract expires.

Standardly, limit X of match practise points is 55 points. However, when a player is injured the match practice value at which a player can negotiate a new contract is lower. Relevant details regarding this can be found in the overview.
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