Forced Transfer

Game appearances as a mood indicator
If a player is rarely used, he will automatically request to be placed on the transfer market and transfer to another club.

In the summer and winter breaks a player can look back and recap on the playing time he had in each half of the past season. If in his opinion he was used often enough then he is happy and everything carries on as normal. In the instance where he feels he was not used enough times, then the player is unhappy and will consider leaving the club.
Long term match practise (MPL) as a basis for decision
A player decides whether he is satisfied with his involvement in games on the basis of its long-term match practise - i.e. on the basis of his MPL value. If his MPL value during the second half of the season is over X points, the player is happy and makes no attempt to leave the club. When the MPL value lies below, the player can go one of two ways, A or B.
A - Player threatens to leave
When the last half of the season was, in the eyes of the player, dis-satisfactory then he will complain to the manager about lack of match practise via a message to his team manger. In the message he threatens to leave the club if the current situation does not immediately improve during the second half of the season. This is the case when the MPL value of X does not reach the respective point limit.
B - Player places himself on transfer list
If the player has already had two unsatisfactory season halves then he will place himself on the transfer list. The player cannot be removed from the list by his team manager, and will leave the team as soon as one or more teams show an interest in him and submit appropriate bids. The team as in other transfers, receive a transfer fee.

When or if no transfer offers have been submitted, the player will leave the team a little while later on a free transfer. His contract is cancelled.

The team manager is notified by message when his player has submitted himself to the transfer list as well as when his contract is terminated.
MPL Value X
The decisive MPL value X is dependent on the age of a player and lies in the following ranges
Age MPL-Minimum value
Up to 19 20 Points
20-21 25 Points
22-23 30 Points
24-31 40 Points
From 32 30 Points

When a player is injured the limit drops daily by 3 points. For example, an injured 20 year old player can remain in the team on the 5th day of his injury with an MPL value of 10. If the player has healed then the respective limit rises 3 points daily until the standard valuer is reached again. Further details concerning this matter can be taken from this overview. this overview.
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