Message service rules, Board rules and Netiquette

Nothing Illegal or Unethical
The composition of unethical, pornographic, extreme right wing, racist, discriminatory, sexist, satanic, violent, vulgar, rude, abusive, defamatory, slanderous, false testaments, or derogatory posts etc is not allowed.
No encouragement of irresponsible behaviour
The encouragement of irresponsible, harmful to health, dangerous, illegal, or ethically questionable behaviour is not allowed. Furthermore the encouragement of suicide, legal or illegal drugs, abortion or dangerous activities is not permitted.
No pointless posts
Pointless and superficial super posts along with Sphinx statements spamming, advertising, trolling, flaming, Net-bullying, hacking, etc. are prohibited.
Courtesy and tact
Ethically appropriate and friendly behaviour is expected. No patronising or degrading of other users through supposed expertise (i.e. Knowing better). There are no titles, only entries with quality where the forum topic can be tackled by all users and not reserved by a few experts.
Forum discussion culture - conflicts reported to admin
Please do not give as you good as you get if somebody is behaving wrongly - contact admin instead. Posts concerning the general behaviour in the forum are possible, but the forum is not a host for personal disputes.
No discussion about the rules
These rules are not up for discussion. Should something be unclear or there is a contradiction then admin will willingly discuss the problem. Constructive criticism is also at all times welcomed by admin.
Formal Guidelines
The composition of short test posts, multi posts, cross posting, multiple posts, quotes etc. are prohibited.
Please take note of correct spelling and capitalisation, and format paragraphs in an reader friendly manner.
Authors Rights
No violations of copyright, authors rights, trademarks and naming rights. No copying of copyrighted protected texts. No quoting of complete articles or texts. Only short quotations with details on its source are allowed.
Blocking or deletion due to violations
For violations against laws, ethics, netiquette, these rules and warnings, as well as for trolling, flaming, or spamming, admin will make use of this to immediately block or delete the post and the guilty user.
Blocking or deleting of users and posts lies entirely within the admin‘s discretion. There is no entitlement to participate in the forum or receive contributions, and no obligation for the forum owner to prove or explain his reasons.
Every user in the forum is a guest. The forum owner has unrestricted rights. If another rule is interpreted to be limiting the unrestricted rights, then it its hereby emphasised that this is not so. The authoritative rights of the admin or the owner is unrestricted and unchallengeable.
The restoration of postings is not guaranteed.
The forum owner assumes no responsibility for the information provided, links or advise given. Liability claims are hereby excluded in principle.
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