The Board

Your Contract
As the Team Manager of your Team, you get a short term contract. Do your job well, and there will be little or no objections to a contract extension. If your results are anything but exhilarating then you might find some difficulties in receiving an extension.
Evaluation of your Work by the Board
In your job as Team Manager, all the cards are in your hands. The success of your work is rated by the club board - your higher authority. The overall assessment is expressed by a single number with the best value being 100 percent.
Assessment in Individual Areas
As the Team Manager you have many tasks. The club board will assess your success in five categories, which are then split further in to subcategories. These categories are calculated and weighted differently with their values forming the basis for a successful contract extension.
General Assertion over your Competitors
This figure represents your success in realising the potential within the team in your care. Have you made a lot of money? Or made little money but still battled well? Or even worse, you can only thank your predecessors for your good position?
A well filled money box is the beginning of every ascent. Have you performed business well? Has profit been achieved at the end of the season? Or have you spent your money on mediocre players and been relegated?
In addition to your duties as a manager you are responsible as a trainer for the condition and development of your players. Developed their strength? Are they fit and have enough stamina? Are they used and satisfied? Is the team balanced in regard to age?
Current Team Success
Nothing is more important in football than the actual results, and nothing is more dangerous for a Team Manager as losses. Did you win yesterdays game?In which position is your team? How often do you slip up against weaker opposition and how well are you at battling against the best in the league?
Historical Team Success
Long term success are the laurels of a Team Manager. It guarantees him the backing of the board in an indifferent season and allow for peaceful rebuilding and restructuring of the team. Having said this you shouldn‘t rely to much on past success!
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