Player Set-Up
Before every game the Team Manager has to set up his teams formation, i.e. Selection of 10 outfield players and one goalkeeper to participate from the start of the game. At the same time the teams tactical approach on the field is also set up.

There is no restriction regarding the distribution of the players on the pitch. You can use the standard formations of 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 for example or select your own formation.

To place a player in your formation, simply click on the player with the left mouse button to pick him up and drag and drop him on the playing field by releasing the button. When doing this, the players profile should be considered: a striker will be playing at the top of the playing area while a defender will be playing at the bottom. It also makes a different if a player plays on the left or right side of the playing field.

The formation can be done set very quickly by using the automatic formation function.
Team Strength
Each player has a certain strength value. The sum of these values gives the team its strength which is of course crucial for the outcome of the game. The teams strength and the strengths of the players in each playing position is shown in the corresponding panel.

The strength table also shows the strength of the opposing team. This value is around the average the team has achieved in their most recent games.
Substitutions In and Out
All other player that are not placed on the field of play are found on the substitutes bench. A maximum number of 3 of these players can be used as substitutes during a game. Substitutions in as well substitutions out can be set ready before the game so that they will be done automatically during the match.

Should it not be possible for the selected player to be substituted in or out then the substitution will not take place. This can happen in the instance when the player to be substituted out has been shown a red card and for that reason is no longer on the pitch.

Should the Team Manager actively follow the game live then the pre-determined substitutions that were selected and have not taken place in the game, are irrelevant the instant he accesses the live game page.
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