Time window for friendly games
For each season there are three time windows that can be used to to play friendly matches. These time windows lie in the winter and summer breaks, on the 1st, 19th and 37th days of a season (note. A season lasts exactly 37days). On each of these 3 days, a team (or its manager) can arrange and play a friendly match.
Arranging Friendly Games
If a team manager wants to arrange a friendly match, then he sends a invite to his desired opponent. There are no restrictions when it comes to the selection of the opponents for the friendly game. An invitation can only be issued when the desired date for the game is not already booked out by both teams. Should a game have already been scheduled or an invitation to another team has been sent or been received, a friendly game cannot be arranged.

Once an invitation is received, the team manager can either accept or reject it. When the invitation is accepted a friendly game is confirmed for that date. Should the invitation for a friendly game be rejected then the proposed date is once again free for both teams.

The inviting team is also the hosting team of the arranged friendly game.

It is not possible to invite teams who currently have no team manager.
Effects of friendly games on player values
The effect of a friendly game on a players values is no different to the effect that occurs during a regular league game or in other competitions, meaning the players lose fitness but gain match practise.
Financial Aspect
The income from the sale of tickets to the game is divided 60/40, with the host of the game receiving the 60% share and the visitors receiving the remaining 40%. The income from sponsoring in the stadium is completely retained by the hosts, while all costs relating to the friendly game is also covered by the hosts.

The calculation of the games attendance is influenced by the attractiveness of both teams, i.e. The better the team and the country is, the higher the number of potential spectators is.
Suspensions and Substitutions
During the course of a friendly match, players can still receive yellow and red cards. Suspensions from these however does not apply.

The number of substitutions allowed in a friendly match is limited to a maximum of three players per team.
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