Changing Team

Team Manager Career
As a Team Manager you are not bound for all eternity to the same team. You can at any time apply for free Team Manager positions at other teams. Whether you are annoyed by your board, the financial situation at your club is unsatisfactory or you are simply on the search for a new challenge, by taking over at a new team you can explore completely new avenues and climb to a new level in your career as a Team Manager.
Free Team Manager Position
When a Teams Manager departs or is dismissed his position as Manager will be free. Shorty after, the clubs board will announce the vacant position. All interested Team Managers (including those from other leagues and countries) then compete for the vacancy. The application can be submitted on the teams details page under the Team Manager tab where also the current status of the application process can be constantly monitored.
Collecting the Applications
The board takes three to four days to collect and evaluate the applications of all interested Managers. The decisive factor in the boards choice of who should be the manager isn‘t decided on when the application was submitted, but instead on how good the manager is and how will he adapt to the respective team.
The Boards Decision
When the deadline for application submissions has expired, the board decides on which applicant the free position of Team Manager should be awarded to. In the process the Team Managers will be compared with each other on the basis of their experience, and their affiliation with the league and country.

The selection of the Team Manager from the group of candidates that applied is done in two steps. Firstly for every applicant the likelihood of being awarded the job is determined in accordance with their experience points. Secondly, a team manager will be chosen according to the determined probability distribution, and consequently with this added, will become the new manager of the team. His contract with the old team is dissolved with immediate effect.

Applicants will be evaluated by the board in four categories. The sum of the scores of the individual categories represent the skills, experience and aptitude of the team manager in a single number, the team manager with the most points gets the contract.

Experience Points: Experience points are points based

LRB (League Rank Bonus): Candidates from the same league with the same or higher rank have better opportunities than their competitors. This advantage is represented by the League Rank Bonus, which is between 0 and 20 percent of the experience of the respective team manager. An applicant who is currently employed as a Team Manager with a second division team gets 10 percent of his experience points. If the manager is currently working at a thrid division team, his bonus is a mere 5 percent of his experience points.

CAB (Country Association Bonus): The applicant works for a team from the same country as the one he has applied for, which means he is fairly well known and therefore gets a 10 percent bonus from his experience points.

CCB (Country Coefficient Bonus): The more well known a country is for its football ability, the more reputable the Team Manager. For example, in the eyes of the board a candidate from England per se has an advantage over an applicant from Iceland. The Country Coefficient Bonus can be a maximum 10 percent of the applicants experience points.
Immediate Entry
When the deadline for the submission of applications has expired without a single filed application, the respective team manager position will be released for immediate entry. Any interested team manager can then take over without an application or selection phase for the post of the Teams Manager.
30 Day Lock
You have taken over a team, which therefore means you can only apply again after 30days for another job.
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