Live Game

Once the formation is in place and your tactics are set, the game can begin at a specified time. As the simulation of the game at FMO is live, each participating team manager can be instantaneously there at the game and therefore follow your teams game without any kind of delay or evaluation periods.

The exact time of the game‘s kick off can be found, for example, on the ‘Office computer‘ on the ‘Office‘ page, or via the ‘Gameday & Table‘ site of your team‘s league.

During the live match, each team manager involved can have a direct influence on the game, through changing the players positions, substituting players in and out or by adjusting the team‘s tactics. Direct commentary keeps the team manager informed of what is happening on the pitch, as well the current status of all the other games that are also in progress - you are always kept in the picture.
Game Speed
The game‘s playing time is three time faster than real time, for example, the first half lasts 15 minutes as opposed to the real time of 45 minutes. There is a 5 real minute period between each game halves. A display panel tells the manager of the game‘s current game time and also the current score.
Live Commentary & League Results
Through live commentary you will be kept informed of what his happening on the pitch through the course of the game. Comments regarding scoring opportunities, goals, yellow and red cards, substitutions, tactical changes will appear live on the live ticker.

Usually a game will be played simultaneously with other games from the same competition, therefore all games from the league all start at the same time on each gameday. The latest scores from these games are displayed in the ‘League Results‘ box.
Player and Team Strength
The strength of the players and therefore the strength of the team gradually decreases through the course of the game. The degree of the reduction in strength depends on several factors.

General Fatigue
General fatigue is subject to every player as the same level of performance can not be maintained over the course of the whole season.

The endurance of a player significantly influences the degree of strength reduction. The further away the players endurance value is from the 100 mark, the quicker he will loose his strength during the games duration.

The tactical tools of ‘Commitment‘ and ‘Pressing‘ also have an effect on the decline of the players strength throughout the game.
Substitutes Bench and Substitutions
All the players that are not in use or not on the playing field are found sitting on the bench. During the course of the game a maximum of three players can be substituted. To make a substitution, you simply drag the player you want to take off the field with your mouse and drop onto the bench. To substitute in his replacement you do the exact same but drop the player from the bench onto the field instead.
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