Squad / Player Attributes

Player Profile
The squad of a football club is made up of players that are contracted to the club. Every player is, according to his profile, either a Goalkeeper, a Defender, a Midfielder or a Striker/Forward. In addition all players are assigned to a certain part of the field (left, central, right), thus creating the following player profiles:
Abbreviation Profile
GK Goalkeeper
LB Left-back
CB Center-back
RB Right-back
LM Left Midfielder
CM Central Midfielder
RM Right Midfielder
LS Left Striker
CF Centre Forward
RS Right Striker
Player Attributes
The abilities of a player is split into many categories. Above all they include Technique (abbreviation - Tech), Stamina (Sta) and Fitness (Fit). From an evaluation of the combination of these abilities and others the players strength (Str) is determined.

The technical value of the player represents his basic skills regardless of form on the day, match practice, etc. The technique is based on the potential of the player with its value being between 1 and 100 and changes relatively infrequently. Increasing the value can be achieved solely through technique training. A reduction in value may occur as a side effect from fitness or endurance training. In general, technique training for players up to the age of between 24-26 can increase the technique value and it also remains at a relatively constant level until the age of 31-33. Thereafter, the value continuously falls, the older the player the more difficult it is for him to keep the achieved technique value.

The fitness value addresses the freshness and the form of the player on the day. Its value can lie in between 1 and 100 with a value over 90 being considered normal fitness. By applying targeted fitness training, the value can be greatly enhanced. There is also an increase when it is used alongside technique training, but when used with stamina training the player tires and therefore his fitness levels will deteriorate.

At the same time the players exertion in a game is connected to his fitness value. The degree of loss in fitness depends on how long the player is used in a match (the longer the player is playing, the higher is his loss in fitness), the intensity at which he plays (Tactic Option ‘Commitment’ and ‘Pressing’), the position that the player is used in (an outfield player looses more fitness than a goalkeeper) and the players age (the older the player the higher his loss in fitness).

Stamina represents the players ability to perform over a longer period of time i.e. The length of a football game. If the player has a good stamina then his levels will still be full at the end of the game. If however his endurance levels are bad then his performance will deteriorate as the game progresses. The value can be between 1 and 100, with a value of over 95 being considered a normal stamina level. Stamina training is the only way to improve a player‘s level, but the value can also decrease as a side effect of fitness and technique training.

Match Practise
Every player needs match practise, which is collected by being used during games. If a player does not play, he gradually looses his match practise value. This value can lie between 1 and 100 with a value of over 80 being considered as a normal level. As match practise is not a trainable attribute, the only way to attain it is to simply play.

Depending on the players usage in a game, a possible 12 points is available to each player for their participation in a game, providing they have played at least 1 half. Should they only play a third of a match, then they are awarded 8 points, 6 points is given after playing at least 15 minutes while any less than 15 minutes wins only 4 points. Players loose 4 points everyday.

Players satisfaction depends on many factors. If the player is fit, has good stamina levels and develops technically, he satisfied. A player will also be satisfied if he is regularly picked and has a long term contract. However if he does not like training and his Fitness, Stamina and Technique values drop, a player will be dissatisfied, as well as when he is rarely picked or there are problems with a contract extension. It is worth mentioning in this context, that when negotiating a contract extension with a player, the initial value of his willingness to negotiate a contract corresponds to his satisfaction levels.

Strength is a players most important value, and is the combination of all the other attributes. The basis of the strength value is technique value. If all other attribute values lie at 100, then the strength value is equal to the technique value. The further away from a hundred the other attributes are the lower the strength value is. The exact formula for the calculation is
Technique / 100 * (Fitness + (Match Practise + Satisfaction) / 2) / 2
You should take note that Stamina does not directly influence the calculation of the strength value. If a player is used in the game his strength value will change during it. The worse the players stamina, the more strength value he looses.

Long term Practise (MPL)
The Long term Practise (MPL) represents the average match practise value of a player in each half of the season (first and second halves) and also influences the players technique training. A positive effect is seen in a players technique value when regularly used in games, and so his technique develops.

To achieve optimum results when applying technique training, a player must achieve his minimum MPL value. The minimum value is dependent on the players age and lie in these ranges.
Age Minimum MPL Value
Up to 19 20 Points
20-21 25 Points
22-23 30 Points
24-31 40 Points
32 and over 30 Points
Summary: Influences on Player Values
  Positive Influence Negative Influence
Technique Technique Training
High MPL Value
Stamina Training
Fitness Training
Low MPL Value
Fitness Fitness Training
Technique Training
Stamina Training
Actual Playing Time
Stamina Stamina Training Fitness Training
Technique Training
Match Practice Actual Playing Time No Playing Time
Satisfaction Actual Playing Time
Long Contract
Good Tech, Fit and Sta Values
No Playing Time
Expiring Contract
Bad Tech, Fit and Sta Values
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