Youth Squad

Squad size / Promotion to the First Team Squad
The Youth squad of a Team educate children and teenagers in the ages between 12 and 17 years. In most cases the youth squad play with 11 players. Everyone of them have the possibility to be promoted to the first team squad. The decision is taken by the Manager of the Football Club.

If a player doesn‘t make it to the first team squad, he will leave at the latest once he has attained full age.
Attractiveness of the clubs
When children want to sign up to a Football Club, they normally prefer to join their favourite clubs, who seem to be the most attractive to them. In that way the attractiveness of a club has a direct impact on the childrens abilities in playing football from the Youth Squad. The higher the attractiveness of the Club, the more children there are who want to join, so much so that the acceptance test is harder and as a result the contracts in the Youth Squad are better.

The attractivity of a Football Club from the view of a child / teenager will be influenced by three factors: All factors contribute to one third of the evaluation of attractiveness.
Quality of the Youth Academy
The better the professionalism of the Youth Academy, the better the quality of your education and so much to the positive will your influence be over the attractiveness of the corresponding Club.

The quality of the Youth Academy can be improved through direct investment. The amount of daily spending is freely selectable. The quality of the Youth Academy will be positioned by a comparison with the Volume of Investment of the other Football Clubs across the country.
Prospects to be a part of the first-team squad
The more of your first-team players come originally from your youth squad, the higher your potential youth players estimate the prospects to be a part of your first-team squad in the future.
Mainstream fame of the Club
The more successful a club is, then goes the more children and potential Youth Players will find the club attractive. With this in mind, the value of the mainstream fame inevitably fluctuates in it‘s level of attractiveness.

The mainstream fame will directly be derived from the fanbase ranking.
Improving the Youth Squad strength
Do you want your club to have the strongest Youth Squad, i.e. to improve your Youth Players? This can be done by increasing the attractiveness of the Club from the point of view of children.

This puts the Clubs in competition with every club within the country and it must take into consideration the three factors to improve the overall attractiveness, which will lead to it‘s improvement.
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