National Championship

Definition and League Pyramid
The national championship is the most important competition held in a country, and depending on the country there could be several hundreds of teams taking part. In each case, 18 teams play in a league. At the top of the league system are the 1st and 2nd leagues which are not tiered, followed by the 3rd league and beyond which are tiered. The number of the leagues at one level corresponds to always the double one of the level that is directly higher.

The mode of the competition is 'everybody against everybody' which consists of a home and away game. Each team therefore plays a game against every other team in the league at their home ground and away at their opponents. Through the course of the season each team will play 34 games.
Champions, Qualification for international competition, Promotion and Relegation
A country's 1st league determines who the best team in the country is - the team finishing in 1st place. As a rule the best teams in a season qualify for the international competitions in the following season. The number of allocated starting positions as well as the mode of deciding the places on offer is dependant on the country's position in the 5 year ranking values.

The teams in the worst league positions are relegated to one league lower, whereas the best teams in the league are promoted (until 1st division) one league higher. The number of teams that are promoted and relegated is dependant on each league and can be deduced from the colouration of the league position occupied.
Colouring of league table positions: 1st League
Champions League Participation Copa Libertadores Participation
Champions League Qualification Copa Libertadores Qualification
Europa League Participation America League Participation
Europa League Qualification America League Qualification
No Special Meaning No Special Meaning
Relegation to 2nd League Relegation to 2nd League
Colouring of league table positions: from 2nd League
Promotion to next higher league
No Special Meaning
Relegation to next lower league
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