The Transfer Market

Transfer Process
On the transfer marker you can get rid of players who are longer needed and transfer in players who you have always wanted. However a player cannot be placed on the transfer list without restrictions, there are firstly a few precondition that must be fulfilled. If the player is successfully placed on the transfer list , the transfer process can then be completed in several phases.
Prerequisites to be fulfilled
Phase One: Player is placed on the transfer list
Every player must meet with the requirements listed above to be placed on the transfer list. For his willingness to change clubs the player demands a sigining on bonus and has certain expectations in salary at his new team. The signing on bonus, regular salary and length of the contract is dependent on the new team and is also paid by them. The players demands in this regard cannot be influenced.

What can be influenced however is the transfer fee. The transfer fee is paid by the player‘s new team when the actual transfer goes through. When placing a player on the transfer list, the minimum transfer fee amount is established. This value cannot be undercut but can naturally be improved on. Take note also that the player‘s agent (represented by computer simulation) takes a 10% cut of the transfer fee paid, while the rest of the amount, 90%, is credited to the selling team.

As long as no transfer offer has been received the player remains in the squad and can be used without any restrictions.

One thing you should take note of is, while the player is registered on the transfer market he will have no interest in signing a contract extension.
Phase Two: Waiting for a transfer offer
As long as no offer has been agreed, the player will remain on the transfer market. If no offer at all is received the player will leave the transfer list on the day that his contract expires.
Phase Three: Collecting the offers
If or when an the first offer is received for a player then the whole transfer process is set to take 3 days, i.e. All interest parties have 3 days to submit their own offers. When the three day period is over the transfer is complete.

It should be also noted that an offer can be withdrawn as long as the transfer has not been completed. In this instance the three day period is irrelevant if the only interested party has withdrawn their offer.

It is also possible to remove the player from the transfer list without any restriction. Should there however, be one or many offers tabled for the player this possibility is rendered invalid.
Phase Four: The Transfer
When the 3 day period has expired, the transfer goes ahead. The player moves immediately from the selling team‘s squad to the buyer‘s team and can be used straight away in their squad with no restrictions. Additionally the financial transaction is conducted. The buying team pays the one off signing bonus to the player as well as the transfer fee to the selling club and the player‘s agent.

Should there be more than one offer received for the player then the selling team will recieve the highest amount offered. The duration of the new contract, signing bonus and salary of the player plays no role in this decision.
Board Veto
In some cases the club‘s board can veto a submitted transfer offer, whereby an offer that was submitted by you will be withdrawn by the club‘s president. The withdrawal of a transfer offer could be down to one of the following reasons.

Offer rejection by player
If the player is signed to be an integral part of your team then the transfer process runs without a hitch. However if the player will be be used as a reserve, he will check how good his chances are of getting a chance to play in the team. If he estimates his chance are good then the transfer be completed, but should he rate his chances to be bad then he will not accept the offer. This applies also when the player has no other contract offers.

A player counts himself to be a future regular first team player, if his technique value is over the average technique value of the bidding team‘s players in his position (e.g. CM). If not then he counts himself to be a reserve player.

A reserve player counts his chances of regular first team football as good, when the average match practise of a player, from a bidding team, in his position (e.g. CM) is over 50. If this is not the case then he has a slimmer chance of playing.
Player Agents
Every professional player has an agent who drives the career of his protégé forward, looking after his contractual, financial and other matters for a fee.
If a player transfers from one team to another, the agent of the player (represented by computer simulation) gets a cut of the transfer fee. 90% of the fee goes to the selling team, while the other 10% finds its way into the agent‘s pockets.
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