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Team League Type ø Age ø Strength Bank Balance  
AFD Fiorentina 1st League Italy 29.95 83.82 21,098,200 Details
Parma AC 1st League Italy 22.77 53.47 14,336,200 Details
Genoa SC 1st League Italy 30.35 76.49 17,295,300 Details
Udine FC 1st League Italy 27.45 78.16 23,924,700 Details
Atletica Bergamo 1st League Italy 27.30 75.30 28,417,700 Details
FC Cagliari 1st League Italy 25.58 65.05 8,288,020 Details
AC Napoli 1st League Italy 27.72 77.03 15,848,100 Details
SC Siena 1st League Italy 30.47 77.71 23,645,800 Details
AS Catania 1st League Italy 25.96 71.94 11,080,300 Details
US Livorno 1st League Italy 29.21 76.28 12,543,600 Details
AC Empoli 1st League Italy 28.11 76.99 43,522,700 Details

- Direct Entry/ Immediate Team Takover
- Candidate Selection Process

¹ Direct Entry available teams, can be taken over immediately by registered users as well as new not yet registered users.
² As part of the candidate selection process, advertising teams can solely be taken over by registered users, and can announce their interest by submitting an application.

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