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2 Bad seasons.
I think it is time to resign my job as Rotterdam lords manager. This is due to failing to turn the pressures into points.
I’m really not happy with the current teams perfomances. I feel I disappointed the whole team.

Hucknall prediction for Champions League match.
Hucknall look very confident but it is a very difficult match tonight so we will probably say it will be a close one with Hucnall managing to win 2-1 or 3-2. There might be lots go goals tonight. First one to score will be the opposition and then Hucknalls managing with a great comeback...

Too good for Hucknall says Hucnall Director
Karan Dharamshi is too good for us he should be managing Manchester United , Barcelona , Bayern , Real Madrid or PSG... type teams. We are too proud and amazed to have him here. And we hope that we win league in the coming seasons..

In an interview , Sir Alex Ferguson praised Karan Dharamshi for his attitude and focus and as his mentor he said he is fully capable of getting them out of Relegation and next season getting them back to where they deserve to win the title. Sir Alex says he is very confident about the boy , he is 18 and he is managing such a huge team is not a joke, That guy has talent like Jose Mourinho" Karan Is the Special one"..
Karan said" I am a winner like Jose Mourinho and I have a mentor like Sir Alex what else do I need?" "I am going to win the title in coming years thats it and I want my fans to believe in me thats most important". Manchester United F.C also have said praises for him and have wished him all the best. He said in future he would like to manage Manchester United.

Hucknall sorry for Chapecoense plane crash
Karan Dharamshi and Hucknall pay tribute to Chapecoense Team , it has been a shock for world , after Munich disaster it is so bad feel for them , Omg says Karan.

17 th to 11th Position... and now in top 4?
Karan Dharamshi has had a brilliant start he has got his team out of relegation brought all players to life playing amazing enjoyable football and he is in mid table now and wants to compete for top 4 and hopefully they will do it!!!

Debut Victory 2-0 for New Hucknall Manager
It was a great game and Karan manager did great against team it was an important win and we are now out of relegation zone but we need to win streaks to be safe and at least get in mid table and end near top 4 or possible top 4 which will be difficult but not impossible

Messi & Ronaldo want to work with Karan Dharamshi??
Cristiano Ronaldo said he would like to work with Karan in future , he says we have amazing connection and he is funny and great.
Messi said Yeah I look forward to work with him, maybe in future lets see cuz even Ronaldo might end up there Haha

Merseyside Reds Appoint New Boss
Big News Today,
As They appoint Luke Mazarelo as the manager,
in an interview he told us he was very happy to take over and hopes to achieve great thing.
Only time will tell if this a good appointment

Neues Stadion für Poole Town
Nach einem Jahr Bauzeit ist die neue Poole Town-Arena mit einer Kapazität von 16,000 Plätzen nun fertig gestellt worden. Die Kosten für das Stadion, dessen Bau wegen Anwohnerprotesten eine Weile geruht hatte, belaufen sich auf 40,258,592 Credits. Das alte Poole Town-Stadion wird zukünftig dem Freizeit- und Breitensport zur Verfügung stehen.
Rainer Eisenschuh
19/10 19:35

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