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@ Ute,

but by Wearside Reds stand N.N.

30/05/2019 17:28

Thanks, it was a very close and high quality cup final!

Congrats for winning the title, I had to concentrate on Match Practice this season, Hopefully I can make it more fun for you next season and give you a contest ;)
30/05/2019 10:07
Team name     Teeside Reds
Team Manager     Helmi Fadhel (since 18/05/2019)
Country     England
League     Premier League

Team name     Wearside Reds
Team Manager     Helmi Fadhel (since 19/05/2019)
Country     England
League     Premier League 
Congrats Phi! Although the league wasn't that exciting as last season at least the cup was thrilling!
If you consider our strength at the beginning this was certainly one of the best games which had ever been played here on this server. 

Hopefully you'll be part of the fight for P1 in the league again. Last season was much more fun.  ;-)
Wish you and the other competitors all the best for next season!
24/04/2019 17:39

Thanks, well done on the CL victory. I hope Nottingham Magpies will win the cup sometime soon too.

Good luck to all for the new season
Dankeschön. War eine knappe Kiste.. Im nächsten Finale reicht es dann für dich ;-)

Also congratulations to Bristol for winning the championship. Great job! 
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Gewinn der Champions League, Thomas.
03/04/2019 22:52
wenn ich sehe warum ich aus der EL ausscheiden werde bekomme ich einen Vogel.
Glückwunsch, Thomas! Verdienter Titel!
War mir aber auch klar...
04/03/2019 13:03
kein Problem Dietmar
Really delete article?
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