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Hejsan alla svenskar
Du hast keine Glückssträhne, Aili.
07/04/2021 07:10
Wieder 2x um das Resultat geprellt. Dieses Game macht einfach null Sinn & Spass.
23/03/2021 20:47
      Who do you think will win the fa cup this year???
Aili, nicht du auch noch?!
08/03/2021 06:48
Dieses Spiel macht es einem einfach, sich einfach abzumelden. Total wirkürliche Berechnungen. Da muss es niemanden wundern wenn man den Thomas macht ;-)
Kai Lujan - what a man! Only just turned 25 and already over 50 strong. An opportunity not to be missed. ;-)
03/03/2021 20:57
     I am selling a legendary player called Kai Lujan if you want to buy him         send me a message or forever hold your peace
26/02/2021 07:16
sorry, i can do that. but so far it was very different in which language was posted here. If anyone has answered at all.
Yes, we can. ;-)
Unfortunately, there are not many people left to chat with, especially in "England".
Have you only just started playing?

Really delete article?
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