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Neues Stadion für Cardiff Bluebirds
Nach einem Jahr Bauzeit ist die neue Cardiff Bluebirds-Arena mit einer Kapazität von 43,500 Plätzen nun fertig gestellt worden. Die Kosten für das Stadion, dessen Bau wegen Anwohnerprotesten eine Weile geruht hatte, belaufen sich auf 67,542,248 Credits. Das alte Cardiff Bluebirds-Stadion wird zukünftig dem Freizeit- und Breitensport zur Verfügung stehen.
Rainer Eisenschuh
05/03 21:09

Decisions to be Made Tonight! For Free Agents
We did a great job beating Leixoes FC 3-0 to win the Portugal - Association Cup and also drew our match against FC Aves to secure the Portugal League Cup. The Fans have rejoiced at our accomplishment, but after tonight, Free has some decisions to make. Here’s what he told the Interviewer tonight.
"Tonight we secured the League Title and Association Cup, but after tonight I have some decisions to make; first is I am deciding if I will remain at Portugal or move to another League and another team; if I choose to stay, the team will make some slight changes, but I am thinking about the future of the group but until then Let’s enjoy our Victory!

Free Agents | Vithoria SC
13/06 01:05

players available for sale.
As the season is nearing to an end, most clubs will be preparing to release some players and add new qualities to there teams.
The ’football today’ journalist had an interview with the academica(Portugal) manager Sudais R. Makarani after their morning training session on Friday. Having asked if he could keep his recent squad for the next season,he said;" I think we will keep some and also allow some to leave so that we can bring new qualities to the team. In order to win games and titles you need a strong and full of technical and professional players. So players will be available any team in need should submit their offer.
thank you." He also praised the funs and urged them to continue supporting the team.

York Minstermen vs Dagenham Daggers
Dagenham Daggers dominate york minstermen 3- 0

Dagenham daggers absolutely destroy York Minstermen.

Daggenham Dagers 3 - 0 York Minstermen

Great game to watch important 3 points for Daggenham road to glory!

Hope more of theese great performances from Daggenham Daggers.

York Minstermen vs Dagenham Daggers
York Minstermen
Dagenham Daggers

Biggest rivalry in 4th division football dagenham daggers get ready to meet york for the rivalry hoping to get top 2! Biggest rivalry players are well trained hoping to see a great match!

York Minstermen vs Dagenham Daggers
York Minstermen
Dagenham Daggers

Biggest rivalry in 4th division football dagenham daggers get ready to meet york for the rivalry hoping to get top 2! Biggest rivalry players are well trained hoping to see a great match!

Wearside Are Back
Wearside red from the 12th is now back for promotion
There has also been the news of the sacking of the manager but who knows if it will happen.
The owner says denies the sacking rumors but who knows if they are doing this secretly
Huge game for Wearside tomorrow if they want promotiom

Credits needed
all credits will go to waste so it’s probably not worth your time reading

Cardiff have a plan.
After the crash season 02/2022, where the team was relegated from The Championship to League one came the team back in 05/2022. "Then, when we were relegated" tell us the manager Marek Hrabovsky "there was some big managing mistakes and we have lost some top players for nothing, for free. We just forgot to renew their contracts." These players plays now in the top leagues in Europe, winning national titles and even shining in European cups. "We managed to sell Louis Marshal (technique now 91) to CD Barcelona for 30,907,200 credits, but lose stars like Billy Warriner (technique now 94) to Gones de Lyon for free." sadly say the new manager. But you got to go on, looking forward - learning from those mistakes. "We tried to build slowly something new, that would bring us back to the second tier league" mean Marek Hrabovsky. And so it came, after three years of hiatus the Cardiff team came back to The Championship again. One or another player stayed wit the Bluebirds even after the relegation - defenders Benjamin Warrington (26y, technique 82) and the youth product William Graysmark (24y, technique 84) and are the stars of the squad today. By the way, the defence is the showpiece of the team - there are the strongest players. "Some good players then came on a free transfer and we completed the team with some usable youngsters by the transfer market." The manager has also invested in the youth squad and we seen some talented youth players coming up there. "Some of them, they would be big stars!" says the manager with confidence. "Unfortunatelly, we had to sell some of them to make another step forward and build new, bigger stadium. With a stadium with capacity of 12.500, you come not that far". The young men, that leaved the Bluebirds, are the midfielder Bradley Badham (age of 19, technique 75) to Bristol Robins (England) for 3,999,390 credits and the latest, the goalkeeper Ewan Morrison (20 years, technique 81) moved to FC Norrköping (Sweden) for 24,400,000 credits. "We loved the players and wish them all the good luck in their new teams and leagues" he says, "But this was necessary step with the regard of having a big arena". The stadium is now in the stage of building and shoud be finished soon after the start of the new season. "The capacity of the new is the capacity of the old now (12.500), but is expandable up to 43.500 and we will do that slowly." says Marek. "We focused on the young squad too and there are some great players coming up soon. For example, the playmaker Callum Millington, now at age of 15 with the skill of 69 - and still rising!" smiles Marek Hrabovsky. "With him, the new stadium and clever purchasing policy, we wanna play in the top division in the coming years" excited he tell us. "But the target is now to stay in the league, not to be relegated. Get young players and developing them. - as i said before, we move forward step by step." he explains. We are fans of this plan, how about you?

HRH Prince Philip (99) has Left this World
Today HRH Prince Philip (99) who married the English queen HRH Elizabeth II in 1947 sadly passed away at Windsor castle, England this morning. Condolences are being paid from all over the world as we remember a pioneering royal who once served in the royal navy and created the DofE award for young people.

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