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Team League Type ø Age ø Strength Bank Balance  
Aalborg FC 1st League Denmark 26.68 76.24 9,574,900 Details
ACF Aarhus 1st League Denmark 25.15 74.28 1,565,580 Details
FC Horsens 1st League Denmark 28.32 76.40 1,922,400 Details
Esbjerg FC 1st League Denmark 27.29 76.72 28,456,900 Details
SC Copenhagen 1st League Denmark 26.85 74.36 4,613,900 Details
SC Midtjylland 1st League Denmark 23.80 60.50 13,934,500 Details
SC Nordsjalland 1st League Denmark 26.75 74.52 456,635 Details
Lyngby BC 1st League Denmark 29.89 73.25 20,181,700 Details
Odense BC 1st League Denmark 30.32 79.45 30,754,300 Details
Randers FF 1st League Denmark 27.84 76.53 53,529,400 Details
Fremad Amagher 1st League Denmark 27.86 73.38 22,474,700 Details
Brĝnshĝj IF 1st League Denmark 28.47 76.43 16,228,800 Details
Skovlunde FF 1st League Denmark 24.61 75.83 21,316,600 Details
Greve FC 1st League Denmark 27.26 79.77 10,017,800 Details
Birkerĝd FC 1st League Denmark 25.65 71.99 10,420,900 Details

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¹ Direct Entry available teams, can be taken over immediately by registered users as well as new not yet registered users.
² As part of the candidate selection process, advertising teams can solely be taken over by registered users, and can announce their interest by submitting an application.

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He [Iain Anderson] is actually worried that he will not get the chance to join the club if this drags on any longer, but at $700,000 I feel he is probably over-priced, not because he is not worth it, but because I am a Scotsman and I always like a bargain.
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