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Team League Type ø Age ø Strength Bank Balance  
AEL Athens 1st League Greece 28.79 69.36 10,974,600 Details
Panatinaicos 1st League Greece 29.35 70.83 14,132,200 Details
Olympiokos 1st League Greece 28.74 66.37 7,852,460 Details
Thessaloniki FC 1st League Greece 27.00 69.44 23,856,300 Details
Kalamairas FC 1st League Greece 27.95 68.79 14,491,600 Details
Arias FC 1st League Greece 26.84 73.42 131,876,000 Details
Atromistos FC 1st League Greece 27.85 75.94 87,829,900 Details
Egealeo FC 1st League Greece 29.11 63.16 57,997,700 Details
Ergotelsis FC 1st League Greece 29.53 66.97 14,834,300 Details
Ioniktos FC 1st League Greece 29.37 67.09 92,511,600 Details
Iraktis Psachna 1st League Greece 26.90 69.40 55,508,200 Details
Kerkira FC 1st League Greece 27.47 67.69 97,295,900 Details
OFE Crete 1st League Greece 29.11 70.64 69,275,500 Details
Panionios FC 1st League Greece 27.40 64.10 11,944,500 Details
Xanthi FC 1st League Greece 29.32 68.84 30,237,600 Details
Astra Agrotikos 1st League Greece 28.47 67.41 48,473,200 Details
Astra Tripoli 1st League Greece 28.47 67.28 110,310,000 Details

- Direct Entry/ Immediate Team Takover
- Candidate Selection Process

¹ Direct Entry available teams, can be taken over immediately by registered users as well as new not yet registered users.
² As part of the candidate selection process, advertising teams can solely be taken over by registered users, and can announce their interest by submitting an application.

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