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Team League Type ø Age ø Strength Bank Balance  
Ledya Warsaw 1st League Poland 30.40 77.97 137,911,000 Details
Widsev Lodz 1st League Poland 29.80 81.59 80,464,800 Details
Wista Krakow 1st League Poland 28.42 71.94 56,740,400 Details
Lesh Poznan 1st League Poland 28.50 73.70 45,325,800 Details
Gormik Zabrze 1st League Poland 28.41 80.92 51,608,700 Details
FC Cracovia 1st League Poland 28.32 79.47 87,362,700 Details
Orda Wodzislav 1st League Poland 26.95 76.82 19,372,500 Details
Jaga Bialystok 1st League Poland 28.47 76.85 19,878,800 Details
Rush Chorzow 1st League Poland 28.42 75.75 178,043,000 Details
FC Lubin 1st League Poland 27.00 76.62 8,321,400 Details
FC Belchatow 1st League Poland 26.05 77.15 53,478,600 Details
Corona Kielce 1st League Poland 28.41 82.01 29,845,100 Details
FC Sosnowiec 1st League Poland 26.39 80.19 29,115,100 Details
Arca Gdynia 1st League Poland 28.53 78.54 135,062,000 Details
FC Lodz 1st League Poland 30.00 80.67 35,356,500 Details

- Direct Entry/ Immediate Team Takover
- Candidate Selection Process

¹ Direct Entry available teams, can be taken over immediately by registered users as well as new not yet registered users.
² As part of the candidate selection process, advertising teams can solely be taken over by registered users, and can announce their interest by submitting an application.

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