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+++EILMELDUNG+++ Trainersensation bei Brechin FC!!!
Brechin FC vermeldete heute völlig überraschend, dass Trainer und Manager Hansi Hammer mit sofortiger Wirkung zu Brechin wechselt. Hammer war viele Jahre mit seinem bisherigen Club FC Porto erfolgreich in der CL und holte regelmäßig das Double aus Meisterschaft und Pokalsieg. Brechin bekommt mit Hansi Hammer einen der umworbensten Trainer in Europa.
In Kürze erfahren Sie mehr über den spektakulären Wechsel...

Hansi Hammer | Brechin FC
07/11 18:22

Stranraer Blues " Remembers"
Leo Mafuso Manager of Stranraer Blues was quoted stating that the team must remember the coach who taught them how to tackle for the first time. Remember the others who played with and against you to make you who you are today. Remember the fans and supporters who raised monies to fund your equipment thru the years. Remember the adult who played catch with you after you learned to walk. Remember the family member who encouraged you to go on when you wanted to quit. Remember your parents who bought your shoes, your Under Armour®, and dropped everything to take you to practices and attend your games. Take this time to remember all of them.

New Manager takes over Stranraer Blues FC
Leo Mafuso was announced as new Stranraer Blues FC football manager as he signs four-year deal. The 28 year old Manager stated that he was up to the challenge.He stated ’I’m looking forward to the task ahead. Everyone knows it is not an easy one but I’m hoping that everyone, fans and supporters will get behind the team.’It’s the team that counts, they go out and win football matches.
"What I’ll do is try to make sure the team is well prepared for the challenge ahead.

’I’m really looking forward to it.’

Lorenzo JajA is on again.
The magnifecent JajA has promoted Berwick and have you seen him in the last year? no. Lorenzo has joined Cowdenbeath to complete another promotion season. Cowdenbeath are as strong as ever. Can you beat them? no. JajA will be on his best and next up is Euro 2012 yeh! Jaja on the way yeh! Cowdenbeath’s manager Joe Heltor left the team in pride and made them first so then Heltor left for Rovers and begged the chairman to get someone so good. And that chairman decided Jaja was the man he is right. of course.

Abuse is no man’s best movement.
Gow , the Berwick Border keeper,was abused by Ashton Grant.
The Berwick keeper was abused of his country and family.
Grant will go to court to be found guilty or not if he
is guilty he will have a £40,000 fine.

Airdrie Diamonds Shocks The World
Airdrie Diamonds just shock the world with their new manger Horich Breezy.Horich Breezy is the best manager in the world.Horich Breezy will make Airdrie Diamonds win the league and cup. No wonder he is the special one.He is going to bring in the best players in this league.This what Horich Breezy said on his first press conference.Horich Breezy :Today was one of the best day of my life.It was a dream come true for me to join the best team in the world who can win leagues,cups or every competitions in the world and I am the best manager in the world ok.The people who were asking me question,Don’t fucking change what I said in this press conference and sorry for cursing.God Bless You.

Stranraer Blues Fc scouting
The Manager of Stranraer Blues Fc is looking for new players to reinforce his team for the season. The Manager was quoted saying "The time has come to go on top and make some great memories for yourself and for your team! Lets Go!!

Mafuso warns team
The team has to work hard in order to win our game with Glasgow Gers.Leo was quoted stating that "There’s only one way to succeed in anything, and that is to give it everything. I do, and I demand that my players do"

Glasgow Gers - the new champion
After weeks of hard training and carefully selecting the players in every league game the title-winning team in this season is: Glasgow Gers! Pippa Willington, the team manager of Glasgow Gers, repeatedly stressed "Our team is bound to win" while thereby motivating the players to give their best: A strategy that worked. All players are looking forward to relax during the upcoming summer break and like to say "Many thanks" to all the fans of the best football team in Scotland.

2-0 ’doesn’t matter’
Lorenzo JajA’s first day as manager stropped as they had
a 2-0 defeat. Lorenzo JajA said "2-0 won’t put us off if
we lost by only 2 goals so if we lost you haven’t seen United
lose to Wigan to conclude what I am saying we will win the
season and that lose won’t put us off.’ More news say that
Lorenzo is swopping for Stileuf, the centre-forward who is
27, has impressed most managers but Lorenzo has went for
£200,000. Even more news is Kiddmenster are linked with JajA.

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