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Rush Chorzow finally with trainer
Afters years of loosing and falling into poor places, Rush Chorszow - the first winner of the polish Puchar - got a trainer with amazing experience.

Panushki to his future plannings "I am very happy to be here,....the people are amazing, the team is great - I have crazy dreams for all of you - Rush Chorzow winning the Champions League. I think in a few Years this team will be one of the most famoust teams in Europe."

GAZETA is excited about a new Trainer here in Poland - we wish the bist to Mr. Panushki and the Future of the Team.

Jaga Bialystok’s new managers first game
it was a very stressful game we put up a big fight but in the end we lost, but we will come back. It is the middle of the season we hold 12th place, i do not see relegation in our future but it might happen if we keep losing. we need to train harder and maybe bring in some new young talent

New manger in town for poland
I am the new manger of a very top team so watch out you will lose one by one.

Lewis badman a top manger! ------------------------

It is a dream ------------------------

Of my life --------------------------

i will for fill it -----------------------

i hope you will help me ---------------

god bless you -----------------------

Lewis Badman | Wista Krakow
27/10 23:56

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