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Black Eagles Athletic aim to win back-to-back titles
The defending champions, Black Eagles Athletic is currently top of the table with 4 points clear. New manager R. Vinchenko said: "The strength of my team is undeniable. However, we must give full respect to every other team and play every game like it’s the final of a tournament. Winning the league again with a new manager like me is an incredible achievement for the players."
Today Black Eagles Athletic will be facing Holyhead Hotspurs.

ports special one
port to win the league with new manager in the helm. manager said its onwards and upwards from here we are gonna build a team thats gonna be capable of winning everything and thats with nthe chirmans backing.

Arfon Roberts | Port FC
13/06 17:32

Wrexham Druids Champions league qualfiyes
so far wrexham drudis had a great season with 3 place and wonthe wales cup now is the chamipons league qualfire fingers cross that wreham druds win and win the champions league so far the first leg was 1 nill to wrexham druuds so the aggrate is 1 nil axurre is very good team with good players i hope they come back fit and ready cos wrexham druids is a very good strong welesh team

Neymar Jr | Wrexham Druids
11/06 12:39

Rivalry between Bluebirds and Talbot get out of control
A Bluebirds supporter who drives a van has been seen to amuse himself by running over every Talbot Steelmen fan he would see strutting down the side of the road in their ridiculous pink and gold colours. He would swerve to hit them, there would be a loud ’thud’ and then he would swerve back on the road.

One reporter took a journey with the driver to understand why this was so amusing. Whilst travelling along a public road, the driver saw a Talbot Steelmen fan walking down the road and instinctively swerved to hit him. But, just in time the Talbot Steelmen supporter jumped back to narrowly miss the van. However even though the van driver was certain he missed the Talbot Steelmen fan, he still heard a loud ’thud’. Not understanding where the noise came from, he glanced in his mirrors and when he didn’t see anything he turned to the reporter and said, ’I’m sorry, I almost hit that Talbot Steelmen fan, ’ That’s okay’ replied the reporter. ’I got him with the door!’

Bluebirds Court Seen With Pants Down
Following a recent report with el stephen a minnsico, one reporter can confirm he did see the event take place where Court had mooned the Talbot manager saying you will never get this, you will never get this. el stephen a minnsico then appeared to be walking off with Court’s wife but later reports show this was Court’s mum.

Scarlets FC vs Mid Wales Robins
Big day for the welsh second league club scarlets fc. Today they will face Mid Wales Robins, who are on the first place in the first Ligue. The todays Cup game will be the most important for this season.

Tom Pregler | Scarlets FC
05/12 10:18

Important win over Buckley Trotters
Scarlets FC under the managment of Sir Tom Pregler landed a big 4-0 win over Buckley Trotters, which are on the last place of the league. With this win, Scarlets showed that they would go up. In a 4-3-3 formation, Scarlet dominated from the first to the last minute. On the right wing played Marcus Hoj, an extremly good player, which can be the Superstar of the League. He scored the 1-0 after only 17 seconds of the game and in the 17th minute he passed the ball to center back Kas who landed the 2-0 with a beautiful shot from 23 meters.

Tom Pregler | Scarlets FC
24/11 08:30

Unlucky Bluebirds
Port talbot has reached the finsihing line with with a 4 point advantage against rivals bluebirds you could see the team rivaling talbot as they entered a string of bad draws.

Bluebirds was on the quick reply against any other team and should thank there manager for the huge controbution he has done to bring the bluebirds from religation of last season to now promoted.

I belive Mr court is a fantastic manager, however i belive he will need alot of work done if he was to survive next season.

Although that does not mean that port talbort does not need the work to my theory is simple.

Bryan had to work work work to get his team to the point they are at now. coming from 7th place to the top is somthing of a triamph but what happend to the team that was mid tablers they would still need to pull out there finances and start to build where there team left off at this season.

There run of good form of what i can see 5 wins out 5 is fantastic.

Unlucky bluebirds maybe next season.

Port talbort will finish 1st this season with 1 game remaining they would clear the table by atleast 1 point providing that port talbort lost and bluebirds won.

On a personal statement Mr minns quoted. Please inform your mother that i need my boxers back mr court.

Minnseco has released this statement. -Court i apoligize for my statement when i said i was eyeing talent i was looking at your wife.
Mum and Dad. But there are a few battys that i know in your squad that i wouldnt mind doing TIGER on golf with.- This seems too be open war with thee two managers

Chairman brings new life too port talbot
Interesting news from port talbot who are in first of league 1 there new manager el stephen a minnsico looks to have this one in the bag. a statement from the new manager has been released in saying,
I am eyeing talent from caersws and hopes to sign a few of there talented squad however dispute has happened for contention of the title as bryan pulled down his pants and mooned him.

They are rivaled but belives the board will be able to resolve this conflict before it reaches its climax.

Stephen has been seen with bryans wife.

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