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shock transfer bid
wakehurst fc manager laid a 3,090,952 credits for the signing of rookie seasiders striker postiga he said ina press confrence last week that he see some potential talent in the player , just 20 years he has scored 5 goals in 7 appearances this season

Antonio Perez | Wakehurst FC
29/03 17:29

Top of the League
Seasiders have managed to look down from the top of the league for the first time since their Premiership win 16 seasons ago.
"This is an incredible feeling" says Stan Hendrix, manager of the team. "We initially aimed to finish in the top 6 and we still aim to do so. We have a good run at the moment and will try to keep it as long as possible. We know that we have a lot of stronger teams chasing us now", he told our paper.
From other people close to the club we got some rumor that they might consider updating their seasons goal to becoming 4th and entering the international competition directly, after struggling to get to any group stage in the last 2 years. Although they performed well and also improved after their relegation.
Still, this club is in a brilliant financial situation and will spend money only when necessary, not taking too many risks at once. "We only think about the next game and want to perform as good as possible," their Striker Callum Hunt said after the game. "The next though fight will come next week", said the board."For a club like us it is not easy, we don’t spend a lot of money, like others. We try to attract good players with other things than money and are obliged to sell young good players as we can’t pay them the same wages as the bigger clubs.
Lets see how the next games go...

Stan Hendrix | Seasiders FC
11/02 11:39

Bally Sky Blues Thrash Real Pucela! In Champion League Quali
Today was a lucky day for Ballys the beat Real Pucela 3-0 on aggregate yesterday night was 2-0 today was 1-0 The manager say that his players played amazing and dominate the game but we need new experience players for us to bet wakehurst after they snatched the title away from us te manager is staying in bally sky blues for 3 seasons then Stan Hendrix will be the new manager overall we cant wait for the next Champions League i hope we verse world class team like Killies, Nottingham Magpies etc

Seasiders FC new Logo
Seasiders FC have change their Logo this week after having won their 2nd game in the Premiership. They were thought to loose positions in the table after starting the season quite well after promoting. However the club managed to get 4 draws and 2 victories making them stabilise in the midfield hopefully.
The manager Stan Hendrix is confident that the current team, despite having only a few new signings since their last season in the Championship, will make it possible to stay in the top league of this country.
The new Logo stands for the Ireland roots and the new self-confidence after having lost out the last couple of years.

Stan Hendrix | Seasiders FC
13/11 14:13

Andrew Sterling Best player in Northern Ireland Football
Fruitel’s Andrew Sterling is currently the best footballer in Northern Ireland Football right now. He has a lot of apperences in london blues (chelsea) and belfast crues, he has notched up 139 apperrences for the crues and scored 89 being the clubs top scorer. HE IS SIMPLY A LEGEND.(beat that Kelvin)

Letter from Stan Henderson
I am back after my 2 weeks break before which I managed Seasiders until match day 30 in Season 06/14 as Stan Hendrix. Back as Stan Henderson now.
The carreer done at the Seasider before having had a 2 weeks break. Now finishing the league again as runner up after having missed the 31st and 32nd game day that I spend as guest manager with Moyola park.

Achievements before the break.
05/14 Seasiders FC The Premiership 3 F - G -
04/14 Seasiders FC The Premiership 2 3R - - -
03/14 Seasiders FC The Premiership 5 S - - -
02/14 Seasiders FC The Premiership 7 LS - - -
01/14 Seasiders FC The Premiership 5 3R - - -
10/13 Seasiders FC The Premiership 9 3R - - 1R
09/13 Seasiders FC The Premiership 12 2R - - -
08/13 Seasiders FC The Championship 3 LS Q - -

Seasiders take news as a surprise
Last week a rumor could be found in the newspapers that Stan Hendrix was to be the new manager of Bally Sky Blues once Soldaldo Xazi was to fulfil his 3 seasons contract.
The Board and the manager were very surprised by this news and instantly cleared the story. "Stan has no knowledge of this and had no negotiations with any other club at the moment", the board confirmed.
This rumor might be due to Stans team performing well and consistently climbing up the league season after season, showing consistent growth, also financially. This should be taken as sign of respect for the good job.
On the other hand the former champion Bally Sky Blues had to sacrifice their top ranking for years in the last couple of seasons to the other teams getting stronger as well.
Let’s see what happens and who is going to clarify the next steps.

Stan Hendrix | Seasiders FC
30/01 10:22

Seasiders improved slightly
Compared to last season, where the Seasiders finished 12th after promoting, they managed well this time finishing off 9th and just achieving the goal of ending the season it the top half of the table, even though the board didn’t seem too happy about the achievements.
Manager Stan Hendrix says that the signings they made helped a lot, but the was more potential. We had 2 unnecessary defeats in our last 3 games. It would have looked better if we’d have a couple of points more on our account. However the squad will be stronger again next round and we will try our best to improve again and end up in a higher position again next season. The fight has already started!

At the same time the team needs to relax a bit, being happy to play internationally again. That will cost and it will be hard to cope if the number of games increases. But with new arrivals in the pipe, the squad will be broader and therefore we could cope with more games to be played.
We will see how far they can get.

Stan Hendrix | Seasiders FC
16/01 12:02

Belfast Crues Fc is as a Scend Team in the Champions League
Belfast Crues is in the Champions League. The Team from Trainer Filipe Scheep wins the matsh vs Heracleo Almelo 4 : 0 , after the matsh losing yeterday 0:2 from the teame.
Thats goo News from N.ireland

vertean in belfast whites
Highlights and Records
Jacob Featherstone played in a total of 205, and scored 21 goals
Jacob Featherstone won 5 Titles
worth 2 million and above

He is the best player that i have worked with he amazing

Kel Gheki | Belfast Whites
30/10 09:23

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