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Peom from burnham blues
They’re playing in the bowl tomorrow
and we are so very proud.
We Seahawk fans are loyal
and also very loud.
We’ll be settled by our TV sets
before the game begins.
We’ll stay for the fifth quarter
no matter which side wins.
I’m thinking of my men folks
who had cheered them through the years.
Are they watching them from Heaven
and applauding with loud cheers?

Alex Gaze | Burnham Blues
16/03 17:53

This news is not new news
Around 45 minutes ago, we won 2-0 during Tooting United’s visit. Despite having left-winger Riley Adams sent off in the dying minutes and my cunning substitution plan shortly afterwards failing, we held out. And I didn’t even watch the first half of the match!

A new manager is arrived to Blues... I don’t know how this club is here... It is impossible to make things so bad. I promise to make this team back to the Premier. My sincerest apologies to the great fans of Stanford Bridge.
First target: Promote divisions as much as possible with this economic balance.
Next target: New stadium. We need 30M Credits to do it... It will be very slow but we’ll do it...

Once a stag and now an eagle
New Mansfield Eagles boss Paul Holland has spoken out about him dropping down the league to take on the eagles top job.

Paul said "I had no choice really, there are some managers in the premier league that have got advantages over others with regards to player transfers."

When asked to speculate further Paul said "the managers know who they are and you only have to look at there squad to realise that something fishy is going on"


New Blades boss begins spring cleaning of squad
New Sheffield Blades manager, Stephen McCoy has made an instant impact to his new team by placing no more than 6 players on the transfer list.

’This decision isn’t about finance, its about moving a club into a new direction’ Said Mr. McCoy during his 1st press interview as Sheffield blades manager.

’I aim to cut the dead weight and inject some youth into the squad to help us float up the league.’ He later added.

Sheffield Blades also added flair to the squad by signing two free agent defenders, ewan hannigan and Jay willoughby and handing a senior contract to youth team sensation Ivan Janocko from slovakia providing cover on the left wing.

’I aim to strengthen our defence this season and I think these two lads can do it. Ivan is gonna have a bright future with us and as a future international superstar for Slovakia. Watch this space.’ Stated Mr. McCoy at the end of his interview.

It seems Sheffield Blades will be building for the future this season.

Ince - The New "Guv’nor"
An interesting addition to the ranks of Lower League Managers, Steve Ince, is cutting his teeth at the end of the road town Boston as The Pilgrims new Manager.

Unlike his namesake, Paul, he will not be pulling out a gun on his colleagues to establish his reputation at this well supported club. He sees his role as being less about intimidation and more about nurturing young talent.

"I am excited to be entrusted with the future of Boston United. Some great Managers have learnt their trade here in the past. If I can follow in the footsteps of Jim Smith and Howard Wilkinson I will be doing this great club proud."

When asked about Managers from the modern game he admires, Ince is equally eulogistic. " No doubt.. Bramwell! He is all about the football. To have stepped back down the pyramid to build a new dynasty at Rainworth is admirable. Not like some other managers I could mention who are trying to buy a title. I mean, who builds a squad of 46 players and nearly bankrupts the club in doing so?"

Strong words but can his results match his rhetoric? Let’s see whether Ince will make The Guv’nor title his own.

Steve Ince | Boston United
13/11 11:28

Ged cain has signed for warrington town fc he beleives he will become the best manager in FMO , hes on a mission, has he feels he may of left it to late to become a manager, but you are as young as you feel,and he feels great, so lets get it on.

Ged Cain | Warrington Town
13/04 21:44

Underdogs win 3:2
In a close and intense match the outcome for the Bradford Avenue (11th in table) - Chesterfield Spireites (3rd in the table). The favourites of the game were the away side, Chesterfield but they walked away in defeat. There looked to be trouble for Bradford as they were down after 28 minutes 1:0, but they scored 4 minutes later. Then at half time the manager made some important decisions and at 55 minutes they scored again to make the scoreline 3:1 but at 83 minutes Chesterfield, filled with rage scored their second goal, the scores stayed the same until the final whistle at 90:03. Making the score at the end 3:2.

"The boys were good today and we took a risk, if they could see what we were doing they could have easily scored one or two more goals," Said the Bradford Avenue new manager, Scott.

Ashley Stanley’s first game in charge of Ashford Town today
New Ashford Town boss Ashley Stanley is set to take on Rugby town in his first game in charge of his new club. He has spoken about the new, fresh challenge he faces with Ashford Town. "when i first found out that i had got the job at Ashford i knew it was one i couldnt turn down. Ashford Town is a club thats got high goals and i am willing to accept this challenge"

We spoke to a few players at the club and we asked them what they thought of the new manager. One of the plyers said " erm Im looking forward to working with the new gaffer he seems like a good guy who will tell us where we go wrong and i believe he can help us as players go forward in our carrer and help us improve our fooball, i also think hes the right person to take our clup Ashford Town forward from his backroom staff to the fans that come up to the club week in week out"

It seems like everyone here at Ashford Town is looking forward to how the new man in charge will get on again rugby tonight. lets wait and see!

Notts. Magpies put Harry Kirkwood in the shop window
Nottingham Magpies are looking to release 17 year old, home-grown youngster, Harry Kirkwood on a free-transfer. The Left Back, currently with a technical ability of 32 would become a useful asset for any league 3 club and a potential star player for them.

Manager Steven Elston said:
’I want the best for this young lad as I’ve seen him develop through our academy. He was only 12 years old when he first walked through our doors and I can promise you he has a diamond personality’

To help the player’s cause further, Elston continues:

’Any club who takes a chance on this young player and signs him from us, I promise to offer that club a Friendly in our new, soon to be completed 59,000 stadium, to strengthen the ties between the two clubs and to help them financially.’

Time will tell where Harry Kirkwood’s Senior career will start.

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