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Manager of the season 09/14 is ...
Thank you very much for your message about the manager of the season.

On the 3rd place is: Jonny Hard (AS Saint-Stephane) (4 points)
and Bart Baker (SC Monaco)

on the 2nd place is: Martin Manzinger (SC Bordeaux) (16 points)

on the 1st place is: Suwan Wiwari (Gones de Lyon) (18 points)

Congratulations! Merry christmas and a happy new year!

Philipp Glaser | AC Lorient
15/12 16:32

Rennes OSC signed contract with german Manager
Somewhat surprisingly the Management of Rennes OSC has signed a contract with the german Teammanager Helmut Schön who so far only small clubs has managed. The president of the club has expressed his trust to him. In a first statement Helmut Schön said that he need time to build up a competitive team and asked for patience. We from L’Equipe will observe the clubs development.

Helmut Schön | Rennes OSC
13/11 20:15

4th in the Country Ranking !
Thanks to qualification of Bordeaux and Saint-Stephane in semi-final of the Europe league, France goes up to 4th rank of the classification of the best European countries.

The FC Lens wishes good luck to you for the qualification in finale and to carry top the colors of the French championship !!!!

(Sorry for my English ;))

Nathan Drake | FC Lens
21/08 13:23

Welcome to LE MANS MR Jake Geronimo
With Mr Geronimo Le Mans got 1 very good manager .

fans are so happy because GERONIMO = OFFENSE .
With 1 poor english JACK say "CHAMPIONS in 5 Years".

J envois mes salutations a tous mes compatriotes,je pense qu il faudrai rapatrié des francais dans le championnat, sur cela a+

Jake Bijoux | Stade Le Mans
09/09 20:10

Owen Matheson has Transfered to AS Strasbourg for 7mil
the manager said it has been a dream to sign him he has speed and aglity and i hpe we can keep him in the future so it has been great

owen matheson has completed a medicial in germany so he should be ready to play in the next match againist paris st michel he has agreed a 5 season deal with the club and his wage 101,000 credits a weekly , he is going to play in the rivalry against st steph

Owen Matheson Statment: "I have alwasy wanted to live iin france it has been a dream AS Strasbourg has cleary the best team in france and alwasy will be so St stephane watch out!" "I alwasy love my old team bavarians munich after we won the chamipons league last season and the germany league"

Arthur James | AS Strasbourg
04/09 10:04

Who is going win the league Saint Stepahne or AS Strasbourg
the rivarly bewtween the two team is just getting intesne so far Strasbourg are top and steaphne just behind them so who is going to win

here are waht the manager said

Arthur James: "Strasbourg are the best team clearly so we can relax even though we lost the title to them the last season", stepahne are a good team with world class players but we are the best, all the manager check the team ranking to see which team is the best.
we have a good player arrving called owen matheson his going to boost our defence to make it stronger

Arthur James | AS Strasbourg
02/09 15:36

Manager of the season 09/14
The L’Equipe organized this year once again after a long break the election to the Manager of the season.

How to participate ?

Just write a personal message to the author of this article.

What is the message in it standing up?

If awarded 3 places . The 1st gets 5 points, 2nd gets 3 points and 3. gets 1 point. That means just write in the message your 3 places. The deadline is on the last matchday also the 14/12/14 at 21.15 after the matches.

Who can become a selected frame?

Every coach in the season 09/14 in the 1st League in France was active. To make their own choice is, however, not permitted and is not counted in doubt.

Still unclear? Then bring it on!

Consider participating yourself Glad the editor of L’Equipe !

Philipp Glaser | AC Lorient
09/12 14:25

Stade Le Mans uprising franchise
As the Stade Le Mans club get’s its newest manager named Vincent Lerie Melegrito a good franchiser from Asia. Melegrito was also known on his deadly attacking tactics that will help the club to improve their scoring ability. Many fans were surprise on this happening. But still the Stade Le Mans club is still continuing to strives for it’s glory and greatness. This club is one of the strong contenders on this league so it is better to make ready for the other clubs if your going to face this growing and improving Stade Le Mans club...

FC Lens has a new manager !
Nathan Drake is the new manager of the FC Lens since today.
He signed for 2 seasons and he is very happy to coach its team of heart.

"I’m French and since my chilhood i support the FC Lens. It’s an immense enjoyment to be here. The team is young, with many of qualities. My objective will be to go back the club to the ranking, improve my squad and the stadium."

The FC Lens faces AS Toulouse this evening in championship, the victory will be a first step towards the reconquest !

(Sorry for my spelling mistakes, my English is not very good)

Nathan Drake | FC Lens
07/09 12:52

Best team of the future !
Chloro Phil has contacted us to answer Strasbourg’s Manager words :

"Let him believe he has the best team... and lost another title. Check the team ranking to see wich team WAS the best. What about now ? We’re first for now and we’ll see if we can stay on top of the league. Let’s focus on the field ! "

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