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Cagliari New Manager hoping for a good start
FC Cagliari Might be in for a new start as the new manager said During a conference "we hope to be aiming for big things the game we had yesterday was proof of what’s to come with this team we may need some reinforcement but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there our next game we are playing will be the first real test I hope we are up for the challenge" so it seems like Ore Adewumi has big plans for the club but can pull it off we wait to see

Ore Adewumi | FC Cagliari
02/09 18:11

will palermo win 5 in a raw??
next 5 matches for palermo will be a good chance to go up on the league table.Will Auras make his team good so they can win this 5 matches??
He said : „ My team is ready for some wins,and i think this season we will finish on the 2nd or 3rd position„ .

Auras Aurashy | SS Palermo
18/11 19:57

Perfect start for Auras at Palermo!
Palermo beat As Roma with 1-0 .Bruzzone was picked MAN OF THE MATCH with a goal in the first half. This is a perfect start for the new leader of Palermo , Auras. He said : ” I was sure about this win against Roma ”.

Auras Aurashy | SS Palermo
12/11 21:11

Karsten Lux to Palermo ??
Will Karsten Lux accept Palermo s offer? The Coach Auras wants him in his team fast in the middle where he thinks is a problem in his team.The german player Karsten Lux received the offer and need to answer in a few days.

Auras Aurashy | SS Palermo
12/11 14:11

First season luck.
My first season is under way . Can not understand is the first two victory just a luck of beginner or good and smart tactics. Or maybe the italian league is weaker then I thought . let’s find it out in upcoming games .

Yuventus concludes a contract with Harry Humboldt
After a short search the old lady Yuve finds the novice Harry Humboldt and signs a 2 annual contract with him. Harry Humboldt informed that he is very proud that Yuve to him has pronounced the trust. Now he wants to try to rejuvenate the team considerably and to set up a youth boarding school. With the trust of the association board of directors and with patience Yuve will succeed definitely in leading the club nearly to the point of Italy.

Harry Humboldt | Yuventus FC
26/06 09:47

Sevilla’s new manager hope that his team can win the league
I hope we can win the league, we have good team and we will figh in every match for wining.
It is an honor to manage Sevilla, who considered to be a Europes one of biggest club.
Next game we will play with Nicce, i promise that we will win the game because we have great players.

Rafo Muradyan | Sevilla CF
05/02 12:30

Who will Win??
Palermo will face Empoli in Seria A in 12 Hours.will be a great chance for Palermo to go up.Empoli for the moment is on second position ,but Auras the manager of Palermo said that is not affraid of Empoli and he think his team will win today againt Empoli.

Auras Aurashy | SS Palermo
13/11 08:20

My First game
This is my first game at Palermo. A need a win for a good start! With Roma will be a good time for me to see if i can be a part of this team!I belive in my team and in my tactics and i also think when the game will start i will be proud of this team!i think this game will end with our vitory.

Auras Aurashy | SS Palermo
12/11 14:01

Napoli’s league aims
Napoli’s main target is to avoid relegation and qualify for the Europa league next season. Napoli are currently in position 17 in the league but from recent good form they are sure of moving up the table.

Brian Otieno | AC Napoli
27/10 22:30

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