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Breaking News Ramsgate F.C cant take the blatent loss against the up and coming woodford football team who showed them up as to be as good as the Grasshoppers. Rumour has it the football manager for Ramsgate F.C is currently drowning his sorrows and is thinking of taking up baking instead of managing a football team. Whilst the young good looking bad boy manager Jack Buckley is basking in Glory as it appears nothing Can stop his Team they have been nick named the SPARTANS because of there pure power and skill on the Pitch.

The Ferret | Woodford United
06/01 15:59

Woodford prove to strong for Ramsgate
The new League 1 Div one season kicked off with a bang this weekend! New managers Jack Buckley and Steve Vicary locked horns in what what prove to be a tight match that the Woodford would later steal with two quickfire goals in the later stages of the match. Ramsgate took the lead in the 12th minute through Logan Bridges but this would not last, due to stale tactics by the manager Vicary, Woodford found an opening in the 81st minute with Broderick smashing home an absolute worldie from outside the box. Completely shell shocked by this, Ramsgate crumbled under an intense two minutes of pressure inspired by some great tactical changes by Woodford manager Buckley when Catrall finished what was a fantstic team goal that could have been only engineered on the training pitch. After the game manager Buckley said "Im proud of the players and the spirit they showed, i cant wait for the next game old son!" Meanwhile Ramsgate fans were severly dissapointed with loud boos being heard all around the stadium and some chants of Vicary out.

In other games:

London Spurs beat rivals West Hammers 3:2
Manchester Devils won 2:0 against Scunthorpe Iron
Division favorites Ewood Rovers won 1:0 away to Wrexham Blues
Woking Cardinals won 4:1 against the Hereford Whites

Neues Stadion für Droylsden Bloods
Nach einem Jahr Bauzeit ist die neue Droylsden Bloods-Arena mit einer Kapazität von 0 Plätzen nun fertig gestellt worden. Die Kosten für das Stadion, dessen Bau wegen Anwohnerprotesten eine Weile geruht hatte, belaufen sich auf 7,500,000 Credits. Das alte Droylsden Bloods-Stadion wird zukünftig dem Freizeit- und Breitensport zur Verfügung stehen.
Rainer Eisenschuh
06/12 17:17

Debut Win for Fessey and Villa! Teeside Defeated!
Midlands Villa won their first game under Alan Fessey against the Watford Hornets. Benjamin Hamlen would be the man to bag the brace for the villans on matchday 11. However villa travel to the teeside reds tomorrow, who are top of the table with 8 wins from 11 games.

In other news, Teeside slumped to only their second defeat of the season, losing 2-0 to the Shrewsbury Blues.

Matchday Scores:
Peterborough Posh Macclesfield Silkmen 1:1 (1:1)

Wrexham Dragons Pompey FC 3:0 (2:0)

Luton Hatters Mansfield Stags 0:4 (0:1)

Shrewsbury Blues Teeside Reds 2:0 (1:0)

Midlands Villa Watford Hornets 1:0 (1:0)

Barnsley Tykes Rainworth Miners 1:2 (1:2)

Oldham Latics Ewood Rovers 2:0 (0:0)

Basingstoke Dragons Torquay Gulls 1:4 (0:1)

Plymouth Pilgrims Stoke Potters 4:2 (3:0)

All resaults have been recorded as of 2/11/18.
The Championship (ENG 2)

Alan Fessey | Midlands Villa
02/11 21:42

Midlands Villa linked with Vassilios Notara.
Midlands Villa have been linked with a potential transfer for experienced Center Forward, Vassilios Notara, the 32 year old is repeatably, ’unhappy’in RW Essen and is willing to negotiate a move away from the club. The forward has only scored 33 career goals, could be a risk for Villa, who currently sit 2nd bottom in The Championship. Reports say the transfer fee could be upwards of £500k.

Alan Fessey | Midlands Villa
02/11 00:21

2 Bad seasons.
I think it is time to resign my job as Rotterdam lords manager. This is due to failing to turn the pressures into points.
I’m really not happy with the current teams perfomances. I feel I disappointed the whole team.

Echoes of Trump at Ramsgate Press Conference
During today’s press conference Ramsgate F.C. manager Steve Vicary responded to questions about an article posted on Football Today earlier.
The rookie manager had the voice and confidence of a sharp tongued managing veteran when he launched in to an unprecedented attack on "An error laden article of fake news, by some tin pot muscle head reporter who has nothing better to do with his day" when addressing the biased reporting of the match between Ramsgate FC and Woodford United.
Vicary was staunch in his assessment that Woodford had set out to "Park the Bus for 80 minutes due to being over awed of the attacking prowess available to Ramsgate FC. He proceeded to comment that" the stats don’t lie, they had less possession, parked the bus, launched route one balls throughout the game, taking shots on sight and got lucky in the process and If they continue to play in such manner then they will be prime candidates for relegation"
The visibly seething Vicary continued with a defence of his team, the way they played and once again addressed the inaccuracies and fake news in the original article. He made it clear in no uncertain terms that Ramsgate fans are "passionate knowledgeable fans, who were certainly not calling for a manager’s head after one match and were in fact chanting "blueesss" and not boos as the Mutt and Jeff, original reporter had stated."
The loveable rogue Vicary, finished by offering to pay for a hearing and eye test for the original reporter and stated how eagerly the Ramsgate FC staff and players were looking forward to bouncing back with a win in tonight’s game.

Cam McKay | Ewood Rovers
06/01 15:31

Devils shoot down the Spurs
Manchester Devils started their pre season with a fantastic 2-1 win against London Spurs on Thursday night.
Spurs started brightly on this cold Thursday evening with a fantastic worked goal by youth superstar Edward Callahan but failed to really add much more attacking threat after a well worked Devils equaliser punched the wind out of the London clubs sails. Despite Spurs enjoying a larger portion of possession a late second half goal by fan favorite Hiliard put the game out of the Spurs reach after some great exchanges involving Alcazar and Simpson in the centre of midfield released the hitman to beat the goalkeeper from outside the box.
Manager David Squire was delighted with the result saying "This was a game we were expected to lose given last seasons results, and im delighted the team proved exactly what they can do when playing free flowing attacking football", " I am looking forward to next season and with the addition of some youth and new additions, i believe we can mount a serious title challenge this year.

Home Form ’Crucial’ to success.
Villa boss Alan Fessey has said the key to survival will be how well they perform at home this season.

Fessey replaced the recently sacked Steve Bruce, who has left the club in a mess that Fessey will have to attempt to clean up within the coming season.

In a recent interview Fessey stated ’Home form will be crucial to our success this season, whether it ends in promotion or just survival’ He added ’We also need the fans to be behind the team, without the fans support, a team can crumble within those 90 minutes.’

Alan Fessey | Midlands Villa
02/11 00:39

Midlands Villa have appointed Alan Fessey as new manager. Fessey is an inexperienced manager, with many critics considering the hiring a ’gamble’. Only time will tell for Fessey and Villa. Villa currently sit 17 in the Championship. Midlands Villa play Watford Hornets at Villa Park tomorrow. Make sure to tune in for Fessey’s debut in managing

Alan Fessey | Midlands Villa
02/11 00:14

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